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Looking for a regular or once of beauty service?
Express Mobile Beauty will come to you from just $25.00

mobile beauty manicures

A manicure is an essential step towards having strong, healthy nails and a relaxing exfoliation and hand massage is just what you need to de-stress from the hassles of everyday life. Topped with your favourite colour, a manicure is a treat for yourself that you deserve. All our implements are single-use and disposable to ensure the highest levels of hygiene.An Express Mobile Beauty manicure begins with the filing of your fingernails into your preferred shape. Along with making the nail look better, filing also removes any rough or jagged edges along the free edge of the nail that could get caught and cause further damage to your nail.The cuticle on each nail is then pushed back using a disposable tool to tidy it’s appearance and prevent it drying out. The cuticle is the non-living skin that grows out along the nail as the nail itself grows. It helps create a seal between your skin and the nail to prevent anything from getting in there.
Your nail is then lightly buffed to remove any excess cuticle, those pesky ridges you can feel and any excess product that has been built up. Finally, your nail is then cleaned and scrubbed in preparation for some nail polish or gel polish. We can also apply a cuticle oil to help your nail and skin around it remain hydrated.We carry a large range of nail polish and gel polish colours for you to choose from.

Consider upgrading to a Gel Polish manicure if you want your colour to last longer.

What is Cuticle Oil?

Cuticle oil is a moisturiser for your cuticle and nail. It is very important to keep your nails and the area around them well hydrated to prevent tearing, cracking and damage. It also helps your nail to remain flexible thus reducing the risk of breakage.

Express Mobile Beauty recommends the award-winning Dadi’Oil by Famous Names that is Certified 95% Organic and contains High-purity Avocado Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil and Natural Vitamin E.


Express Manicure – $25
Luxury Manicure – $40